During the Design Development phase we further develop the design plans, getting granular in our approach to detail.

This includes reviewing the construction options available, choosing materials and design features, looking at flooring, walls, ceilings, and so on to achieve the right aesthetic and function while also staying within budget.

During this stage we address questions such as:

  • Do we use timber or concrete flooring?
  • What specific areas do we tile?
  • What will the ceilings look like?

By the end of this stage, you will have a clearly laid out design plan that addresses both the functional needs of your home and the aesthetic look and feel in detail.

Town Planning Requirements

 It is normally during the Design Development Stage that we also address Town Planning Requirements. This includes research and attainment of the necessary council permits to ensure the design plans for your home are legal and we can move forward to stage three of the Architectural Process without issue. This is especially necessary when working with Traditional or Heritage style homes that pre-date 1946.