At this stage we have now finalised the design plans, and the major portion of our work begins.

During this stage, we create working drawings to ensure builders have all the necessary instructions they need to carry out the design plans, obtain building approval permits, create specification documents, and engage in tendering.

  • Working drawings

    These are technical drawings which illustrate such things as building dimensions, setbacks, materials, heights, and window and door locations. These drawings must be extremely detailed to provide builders with confidence on how to construct the project in line with good building practices and council regulations. The working drawings also provide subcontractors such as cabinetmakers or tilers with the details they need to carry out their jobs correctly. Our job is to ensure all builders and tradespersons are extremely clear on the scope of work and any potential guesswork is eliminated.
  • Building Approvals

    The local building certifier will require various drawings and details which are checked against building regulations prior to issuing building approval. We liaise with the building certifiers to provide any additional information they require. We are familiar with the procedures and can usually expedite the granting of approval. The building certifier carries out inspections at different times throughout the job to make sure regulations are consistently being followed.
  • Specifications

    As part of contract documentation we prepare a “Specification”. Here we set out standards of workmanship and materials required in each trade. A detailed schedule of such things as windows and door locks, interior finishes, bathroom fittings and so on is listed. Some of the sections covered in our typical specifications are our ‘schedules’, ‘groundworks’, ‘termite control system’, ‘concrete’ and ‘timber work’ sections.
  • Tendering

    At this stage we obtain prices from various builders (tenderers) and negotiate with tenderers on various aspects of the project. Each builder may have different suggestions for building alternatives or preferred construction techniques and builders will often need guidance through the pricing stage so they fully understand the task at hand. Sometimes we need to negotiate prices with the tenderers which may involve minor changes to the drawings or specifications prior to the signing of the contract. The local Authority will require a signed contract prior to the release of the approval. The tendering process finishes with the selection of a builder and a signed contract nominating the building cost.

As your architect, we work very closely with you, council, and potential builders to ensure we make the best choice and everything goes to plan. We are your eyes, ears and voice, speaking on your behalf to ensure all the technical elements of the project go to plan according to budget and timeline.