The Architectural Process.

We aim to make the entire Architectural Process collaborative, approachable and stress-free.

Whether you are building a brand new home, or are contemplating renovating an existing one, our job is to listen to your needs and minimise overwhelm. We leverage our technical expertise and creative insight while keeping you well-informed right from the first meeting through to final project delivery.

We understand that quite often the Architectural Process can feel daunting and unnecessarily expensive, which is why we emphasise our Creative Ideas Consult™ the first step. This allows us to explore ideas and manage expectations in a welcoming environment.

If after our Creative Ideas Consult™ you are interested in moving forward, we then proceed with a tailored proposal and budget outline.

Once the details of the proposal and budget are agreed upon, we move through the 4 Stages of the Architectural Process, beginning with Stage One: Schematic Design.


Schematic Design.

During this stage, we work collaboratively with you to continue developing the overall bespoke design plans for your home, listening to your wants and needs.

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Design Development.

During the Design Development phase we further develop the design plans, getting granular in our approach to detail.

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Contract Documentation.

At this stage we have now finalised the design plans, and the major portion of our work begins.

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Contract Administration.

Continuing on from Stage Three, Contract Administration begins once the contract with the builders has been signed. During this stage we meet regularly with you and the builder, assisting wherever we are needed including interpretation of construction plans.

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